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Leg #12 Mar 2024Standings
Leg #213 Apr 2024Standings
Leg #34 May 2024Standings
Leg #41 Jun 2024Standings
Leg #56 Jul 2024Standings
Leg #63 Aug 2024Register
Leg #77 Sept 2024
Leg #85 Oct 2024
Leg #92 Nov 2024
Leg #107 Dec 2024
Knockout18 Jan 2025

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Keep track on the progress to unlock byes for Paupergeddon. Every event you play helps boost our average player count and gets us closer to awarding byes.

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Prizes are determined based on the number of players in each event. The numbers you select are just examples. The more players, the bigger the prizes.

  • Entry x 36€ 360,00
  • Location donation x 36€ -90,00
  • Judge x 1€ -15,00
  • Knockout prize collection x 1€ -30,00
  • Prize pool€ 225,00
  • 1st place€ 112,50
  • 2nd place€ 67,50
  • 3rd place€ 45,00